Essential tactics and uncompromising performance.


In order to bring your enterprise asset management and supply chain strategy to life and realize its benefits, the tactics are essential. Tactics are what we do. ASCI is a detailed, process-driven organization, with a wide range of services that are optimized to remove cost and reduce risk – reducing process costs by up to 37 percent.

Our ability to deliver on our goals comes from the Key Performance Indicators (KPI), which our supply chain consultants use to measure performance – in addition to the goals established by our customers.

Our business is built on strong goals – and regular measurement against those goals. In asset-intensive industries, where the environments are often quite challenging, we deliver reliably high service levels and transparent reporting that enables long-term performance improvement.

4PL Logistics Contracting

Our 4PL contracting structure aligns our objectives with yours.

Process Integrity Management Focus

ASCI’s repeatable process integrity documentation provides adaptable logistics management, rapid deployment of new initiatives and quality sustainability.

Fit for Service

Technical Integrity

A standard ASCI principle is "Fit for Service." Goals for facilities and equipment minimize failures and maintain structural integrity throughout the item’s full lifecycle. ASCI examines, stores and maintains every item for integrity – preventing many potential issues before they occur. Additionally, ASCI ensures that bills of materials are accurate and all items in your inventory have valid catalog descriptions to reduce errors in requisitioning, purchasing and warehouse management.

Sustained Audited Inventory Accuracy

Our sustained accuracy rate for inventory exceeds 99 percent.

Quality Assurance Program

We’re committed to meeting the highest degree of industry standards and assuring quality services and materials.

Key Supplier Training and Management

We manage and monitor the performance of your key suppliers – ensuring that your exact equipment and performance specifications are met.

Extensive Measurement (Internal and Supplier)

We measure the entire process, from buying efficiency, to shipments, to deployment, and supply the information to you.