The key to better supply chain and asset management solutions: Performance, technology and people


ASCI has a proven record of process improvement through our supply chain services and asset management services. We solve incredibly complex issues for companies in asset-intensive industries – where the needs are different and the stakes are higher. Every day, we're 100 percent focused on tactically optimizing supply chain and asset management systems. We excel in these areas – so you can focus on bigger issues.

How do we do it? With solid strategy and planning, industry-leading inventory management, state-of-the-art technology and motivated passionate employees, ASCI does what nobody else can, in the most challenging environments in the world.

Performance: supply chain services, asset management services

World-class tactical performance, together with efficient software tools, provide your company with the continued production and transformational results you need from an asset management or supply chain solution provider.

Technology: SCM software, Asset Management software

ASCI offers unique, specialized supply chain and asset management systems designed by and for asset-intensive industry professionals. We can solve the challenges you encounter on the job, using your existing ERP system, without an expensive transition to new technology.


ASCI firmly believes that you should manage outcomes instead of people. We're skilled, trained and motivated, with expertise in materials and equipment for oil and gas, refining, utility and power, petrochemicals and mining industries. When we do our job, everyone else can do theirs. It's as simple as that.