It's a chain, but it doesn't have to hold you back. ASCI supply chain management provides asset-intensive companies with reliable competitive advantages: continued performance improvement, significant return on investment and the ability to focus on strategic initiatives.


ASCI’s supply chain management business, Advanced Supply Chain International, provides a full range of logistics supply chain management services:

  • Full-Cycle Supply Chain Management
    Leverage our focused expertise to optimize specific processes in your supply chain.
  • Supply Chain Process Assessments
    Leverage our focused expertise to optimize specific processes in your supply chain.
  • Materials Management and Configuration
    ASCI can operate your warehouses, yards and benchstock (free issue) locations, as well as perform off-site cross-docking and receiving operations.
  • Inventory Strategy Development
    ASCI can help you build a lean, efficient supply chain inventory management strategy, ensuring that you have what you need without carrying expensive, slow-moving stock that is readily available in the local marketplace.
  • Documentation Services
    Quick, simple acquisition and routing of crucial documentation for timely project management, facility integrity, regulatory compliance and improved safety in asset-intensive industries.
  • Investment Recovery Process Optimization
    ASCI can help you implement a strategy that increases yield from your surplus and expedites the required administrative processes.
  • Smart Tools Web-Based Supply Chain Utilities
    SmartTools provide your operational workforce with automated efficiency to increase performance and drive cost reduction in operations SCM management. These web-powered products integrate with your existing ERP software for simple, real-time access to information.